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Built on the success of our innovative SMART Bandage, the SURVIVAL Snake Bite KIT was designed for the Australian environment, given the fact that the 10 most venomous snake species on the planet live in Australia, not to mention the world’s deadliest arachnid, the funnel web spider.

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It's debatable that the 10 most venomous snake species on the planet live in Australia. We are also home to the world’s deadliest arachnid, the funnel web spider. Despite this, not many people know how to treat a snake bite, far less identify a poisonous snake, a mistake we cannot afford to make. It is probably fair to say that most Australians are proud of our venomous snakes and spiders. Indeed, most of us have a story or two to tell about a near miss with a snake or a spider. It seems we Aussies tend to have a bit of a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude towards it all. But given how dangerous Australian snakes can be, surely we owe it to ourselves to learn as much as we can about first aid for snake and spider bites. Being prepared with both knowledge and equipment, not only provides peace of mind, it could also be the difference between life and death.

The evolution of the SURVIVAL Snake Bite KIT has arisen naturally, built on the success of our innovative SMART Bandage. Developed in conjunction with snake safety experts and educators, including Craig Adams from SSSafe. SURVIVAL is proud to add its newest First Aid KIT to our extensive range of life saving products.

Who needs this KIT?

Anyone that loves the outdoors needs this KIT. It is the ideal companion for anyone who enjoys hiking, camping, exploring, caravanning, 4WD or mountain biking.

Portability and attachment system

Weighing in at 555 grams, there is no longer an excuse for not having a KIT with you whilst exploring the outdoors!

Product Dimensions

Snake Bite First Aid KIT Dimensions

The KIT can be attached to your belt or backpack using the shoulder straps and Velcro, which allow for quick attachment and release in an emergency. The KIT is also compatible with Molle equipment.

Life Saving Components

This KIT contains 2 x SMART Bandages, giving you a total of 4 metres. There is a 61cm x 11cm splint to assist with immobilisation and an additional 1.8 metre crepe pressure bandage to secure the splint. The KIT also includes: gauze swabs, an emergency foil blanket, a permanent marker, gloves, snake bite instructions, CPR instructions and a snake bite register.

Carrying the correct equipment is essential in an emergency but knowing how to use it is equally as important. We strongly recommend seeking appropriate first aid training on how to respond to a snake or spider bite from an accredited trainer in your local area.

What type of bites does this kit cover?

Inside the KIT you will find all the necessary items to respond to Australian and Papua New Guinean snake bites, funnel web spider bites and cone shell stings by pressure bandage and immobilisation.

Please Note: For treatment of snake bites in other countries, check with your local authority.

Key features of the SURVIVAL Snake Bite KIT bag:

  • Material: 600D Oxford polyester
  • Benefits: Strong, durable, rugged, moisture resistant, easy to clean by wiping down with liquid disinfectant
  • Colour: Coyote Tan
  • Zipper: Water resistant zipper, with zinc alloy slider/pull that is easy to grasp and open with the 600D Oxford material extending from the pull tab
  • Attachment System: Molle system, and/or shoulder straps with clip on buttons that use Velcro to lock the straps in position. This allows you to attach the kit to your belt and quickly remove the kit without needing to take your belt off

How to treate a snake or spider bite using the SURVIVAL Snake Bite Kit

Snake Bite KIT

  • 1 x Cotton gauze swabs (3 per pack), sterile, 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • 1 x Emergency blanket, 2.1m x 1.6m in zip lock bag
  • 1 x Mini black permanent marker
  • 2 x Nitrile gloves, large
  • 3 x Pressure bandages - 2 SMART Bandages, heavy duty, reuseable and washable, 10cm x 2m; 1 medium weight, 10cm x 1.8m
  • 1 x Snake bite instruction card, includes bite record register and CPR instruction card
  • 1 x Splint, 11cm (W) x 61cm (L)

Rating: 5
Title Snake bit kit
I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time and finally it’s here. I work in a lot of areas where funnel webs and snakes live, I feel so much safer now with this kit great addition to my toolbox.
Rod Mason, Empire bay - 18-Apr-2018

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Bandage
What a great idea to put the rectangles on the bandage, even a child could apply the bandage and make sure the rectangles become squares to ensure the correct pressure. Very reassuring for us in a snake prone area.
Wendy - Mundaring WA, Mundaring - 17-Apr-2018

Rating: 5
Title Looks awesome
Looks awesome in the pouch and hopefully it stays that way!! Something so simple but can provide so much peace of mind as you know when you pull out something, it will work! The bandages are the main star as it takes the guesswork out of the amount of tightness it should be applied. Safety is something that should never be compromised!
Alan, Denistone - 15-Apr-2018

Rating: 5
Title Great kit
Well designed and constructed kit with a good functional layout when you open it up. Compact but still room to squeeze in a few extras such as band-aids.
Pete, Adelaide - 14-Apr-2018

Rating: 5
Title Survival Snake Bite Kit
Delighted with contents and quality.
Jackso, Western Australia - 05-Apr-2018

Rating: 5
Title Everything that you will need!!!

Just received the snake bite kit & the Survival compact First Aid Kit.

First of all OMG!!!

They are fantastic. A lot fits in them, everything has a spot & I can even add a little bit myself. The big zippers are great for when you wearing gloves, easy to find in my SAR pack & easy to follow instructions!

It’s so comprehensive, great information cards & very well laid out!

Great work!
Aaron Hunter, Bunbury, Western Australia - 26-Mar-2018

Rating: 5
Title Great product well set out
Great product. Love the little rectangle/squares on the bandage. Even the kids now know what to do!
Kelly Cooper, Craigieburn - 14-Mar-2018

Rating: 5
Title Handy & well made
Well made. Clear labelling inside makes it easy to use if needed.
Karen Meggitt , Cairns - 05-Mar-2018

Rating: 5
Title the first thing to pack after water
We spend almost every day walking, running or riding in bush. Such an importance kit to carry for us and the dogs. Hopefully never have to use but good to know the thinking will be taken out of what will be incredibly stressful if the worst happens. In our practice run was very surprised at the firmness of achieving the square - without this I wouldn't have know how firm the pressure needed to be.
Rachelle Patterson, Toowoomba - 03-Mar-2018

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
Good product well built sturdy for outdoor use.
Full of the vital equipment
Good value for money
Tony, WA - 02-Mar-2018

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite kit
What a great addition to our first aid kits. So convenient and easy to use. Excellent quality, fast delivery. Definitely 5 star addition to first aid kits in Australia. Thanks..
Stuart Paxton, Riverton SA 5412 - 02-Mar-2018

Rating: 5
Title An amazing first aid kit
I have had several first aid kits over the years and this by far is one of the best I have ever used. Starting with the zippers. They are strong and durable ready and capable of some hard use either in the field or indoors. The Fabric is water resistant so there is no need to be worried about having this in the harsh Aussie conditions. When you do open this kit it is all logically set out and each item is labelled with the item name and what it is used for and some sections even have a quantity on them so you know how many you are supposed to have when it comes time to restock the kit. Overall it is a fantastic piece of gear and I would suggest to you to pick one up for yourself and your loved one to be protected all year round. 5 stars for this item.
Scott D, Tea Gardens NSW - 24-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
Absolutely fantastic product to have, and would take a lot of the stress away if were required to use. To be honest, I hope it collects dust and I never need to open it. Thank you for producing it.
Melissa Peart, Ballarat - 22-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Peace of mind
I purchased the snake kit for peace of mind knowing that should one of our family be bitten we would have everything we need on hand to give them the best chance of survival. I especially love the bandages because they have instructions and tension indicators on them. Every home in Australia should own one of these kits.
Emma Gray, Howlong NSW - 20-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Best Insurance I can have
I purchased. this product so that we have all the necessary items in the event of a snake bite - we have plenty of snakes around. It is excellent value - and has everything I need (as a Nurse) to assist family members if the worst happens. It is "Velcroed" to the wall at our back door! I hope I never need t actually use it!! Best value for money!
Jacquie Anton, Goulburn Weir Victoria - 18-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Dedicated Kit
It's reassuring to have this neat pack to have everything you need all together in one place.
Nick, NSW - 16-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Compact, tough and practical
So glad I bought this and I hope I never need to use it! Great kit, having a splint and the smart bandages in the one compact kit is brilliant!
Mel, Victoria - 16-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Handy compact kit
The day after I ordered this kit I did a first aid course and they mentioned the new snake bite bandages with the square. I was pretty happy that my kit was on the way. Living in a bush area we often see snakes around and it’s good to be prepared and also have the knowledge of what to do just in case. The kit has clear concise instructions and everything you need to help save a life.
Rachel , Bunbury - 15-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
We live on 5 acres and run a native animal rescue. We see many snakes around the district including a eastern brown a few metres from our front door recently. I now feel confident that I have all the necessary equipment to deal with a snake bite emergency should it occur. Knowing that the bandage will show me the correct pressure to apply is a huge comfort. What an awesome idea! Great product that I hopefully will never have to use ;-)
Sharyn, Sth East Sth Australia - 15-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Awesome
All round awesome product. Good supplies in a sturdy little kit.
Kate, Ipswich - 12-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Excellent product
The thought given to this Snake Bite Kit gives my wife and I great confidence in our safety on many hikes. Having jumped over brown snakes, moon walked backwards etcetera, we will still remain alert but safe in the knowledge of having a terrific life saving product. Well done.
Mike Hasler, New South Wales - 11-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Great 21st gift
I purchased this snake bite kit to give to a young man who spends a lot of time in the bush, hunting and fishing. i think it's a great idea and I hope he likes it!
Lisa Huitson, - 08-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Great Kit
Bought this in preparation for our trip around Aus. Hubby has 20+ years first aid experience in SES (including RCR) and was stoked with it. Fingers crossed we never need to use it. Thanks

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Kit
Great product to take anywhere in a handy pack.
Troy, NSW - 29-Jan-2018

Rating: 5
Prefect kit to take on my hunting trips
Michael, Bungendore - 29-Jan-2018

Rating: 5
Title Good quality and compact
Very good quality kit and compact. Great value as everything you need in one small good quality carry pack
Dave M, Sydney - 28-Jan-2018

Rating: 5
Title This is brilliant
This kit is nothing short of BRILLIANT! I purchased two, one for me & one for my son and young family. It’s compact, has everything you need in it and so easy to understand. We have them ready to go on our next trip to Fraser Island in 2 weeks.
Phil Mann, Brisbane - 18-Jan-2018

Rating: 5
Title Surviving snakebite
I often work alone in forests and bushland in Victoria and from time to time encounter a snake during the warmer months. I'm concerned that one day I won't see the snake until I step on it. I see this kit as important to me and in the event of using it I would sit down and relax, having first activated my Distress Beacon (ePIRB).
John Nicholson, Melbourne - 11-Jan-2018

Rating: 5
Title Survival Snake bite kit
Great product very happy. Very quick service and postage.
Carissa, Manton - 04-Jan-2018

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Kit
Nice and compact, very happy with purchase, received product promptly
Sharon, Childers - 22-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great addition
Snake bite kit is a great addition to the off-road kit I bought last year. A compact unit easily used with the labelled sections to locate items when needed under stress. Well worth the cost and very speedy delivery.
Rob , Adelaide - 22-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title snake survival kit
great product, Hope i never have to use it but just in case always something to have to help out. Great customer service and delivery, will be shopping with you again
Overall great value for money
samantha Cadan , Wandong, Victoria - 21-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Conpact sized product
Thank you for the opportunity to review the snake bite kit. I work as a contract regional shire ranger, sometimes in the most remote parts of WA.

Good sized personal kit that fits on belt or vest. I carry quite a comprehensive trauma kit with me for remote areas plus smaller first aid kits for general use. I am also a registered Community First Responder with SJAWA and licenced snake handler.

Price on special quite reasonable. Delivery timely and well in formed.

My suggestion for improvement would be a velcro patch for more easily identification on the front of kit and a pair of shears as an option. I will be adding both to mine. A triangular bandage as well.

Overall, a fantastic personal and conpact sized kit, well set out. Value for money in comparison to other simular products.
Geoff Birkbeck, Perth WA - 18-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite bandages
This was the first time I have ever purchased anything on line and was very impressed with the whole experience! The product is up to your normal high quality. I received the 4 bandages within the specified delivery time however the delivery advice also included 2 Survival 7490 which have never been received. As a long term user of your first aid products and an even longer term operator in the forest and timber industry, I have no issue in recommending both your products and on line service.
Bruce Harle, Oxenford qld - 15-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite
A very handy addition for our field crews to carry and have available if needed. Thank you
Peter Burns, Cooma. NSW - 13-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Fabulous
Kathy, Darlington WA - 12-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Very happy
Hubby hasn't been bitten by a snake yet so I'll review again when that happens... 😉 For now, however, the pack contents are spot on for an emergency situation, the pack itself is lightweight but durable (perfect to carry while hunting) and it was shipped to me in record time. Can't fault it, thanks.
Kate, Melbourne - 12-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great little kit
I really like how organised everything is when you open this kit up. I just added a couple of extra bandaids and an eye wash and this is my new bush walking kit. Compact and easy to fit in my bag!
Alex, Sydney - 11-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Rural Victorians must have kit
Great for people who live closely with Aussie Fauna. Living an hours drive from medical assistance it is vital to have a good kit on hand. Compact, Robust and the smart bandage is an absolute must have. Makes this kit the best available. No doubt.
Bec Herman , Swan Hill - 08-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Awesome kit
I recently purchased 5 of these kits for use on a rural property. They are robust and well made - the inclusion of the 'Smart' bandage makes this kit the best on the market.
Troy, NSW - 06-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite survival kit
Excellent kit - snakes are very active in my beach location so I feel less worried now I have a kit - and gave one to my daughter and son who also encounter snakes.
Maz , Tasmania - 02-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Best Kit ever
I purchased 3 Snake Bite kits for my Survival Skills and Bushcraft business, Rewild. These kits lived up to my expectations, and would undoubtedly be the most concise and best constructed Snake kit I have seen in over 20 years of working in wilderness environments. One of my kits is for demonstration of the pressure immobilization technique shown during workshops, These kits are what I will be now recommending to clients to carry. Another great product to complement the Survival Emergency Solutions Workplace first aid kits my staff carry.
Scott Poad, Kunghur, NSW - 28-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title SURVIVAL Snake Bite KIT
Item as described. Posted in good time with tracking. Excellent and just what I was after.
Neil MacPherson, Perth - 28-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Practical, Portable, Effective
Very impressed with the quality of the contents and also the premium bag. As a keen hunter and member of a large archery club in Brisbane that has lots of bush surrounds, this pack is now always on my belt. I hope I never have to use it, however if I do the Smart bandages will go along way towards ensuring the patient receives the best care which in turn will ease anxiety in a tense situation. Thanks
Rob Duncan, Brisbane, Australia - 26-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great value
Perfect kit..... High quality contents and will be purchasing more of these kits for family and friends.
Leigh Cantwell , Bendigo - 23-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title excellent service
Purchasing kits was a quick and easy process. However what stood out to me was the excellent customer service that was provided. I will definatley purcahse from Mike again. Thanks!
The University of Melbourne, Parkville - 22-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great kit
This is a great kit for the use. The only issue I have is the crepe bandage makes the bag build a lot in the middle because of its position. Unfortunately there's not really any other place for it.
Steve, Vic - 20-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Excellent
I recieved mu snake bite kit last week, I was pleasantly surprised at the superb quality, and easy to view and use layout of the kit. As a wildlife Photographer it will be strapped to my camera bag permantly. If you live, work r have recreation outdoors where snakes are, I suggest you buy a kit. The price is reasonable for such quality, after all what is your life worth.
Denise, South australia - 15-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Kit
I bought this after a trip to the outback in Qld, NT, SA and NSW. And everywhere we went they would talk about snake bite and the bandages with the rectangle that turns into squares when applied at the correct tension. So on our return, I researched and not only found the bandages but a kit that is small compact but loaded with everything required to administer first aid for snake or spider bites. Very sturdy little pack with well labelled items, easy top up and a very informative website. Thank You
Greg, Ormiston Qld - 14-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Kit
After seeing two snakes in two days in my garden I purchased this kit for us and four more for neighbours, all of whom hope it won't be used. Great kit, everything you need including a splint. Can be taken anywhere, neighbours took it bike riding today!
Anne , Aldgate SA - 11-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite kit
Great pack! On the first day I received it I had all the family doing mock snake bite first aid so everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Everything in the pack is labelled and easily accessible. Will definitely not forget to pack it for our camping trip up Fraser Island next week.
James, Gold Coast - 08-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
I bought one for home and was so impressed I bought five for my workplace
Greg, Gulmarrad - 04-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Kit
The perfect kit for snake bite emergencies hopefully never need to use it.
well laid out and labeled for when the adrenaline will be fogging the brain
Joshua Randall, Childers - 30-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
Received my snake bite kit 5 working days after making order. Very well presented with precise instructions, compact with excellent presentation. Highly recommended.
John N, Mc Crae - 28-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Kit
Perfect kit for in car or 4x4 when traveling in city or bush. Quality product. Everyone should have one.
Sandra, Mylor SA - 28-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
A perfect companion to those bike riding trips in the outback, compact and very easy to use, a must for every adventurer.
Blair, Karratha - 26-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Peace of mind
I've bought one of these for our camping trips, but will be buying more next month. Great idea for family xmas presents and peace of mind to have at home and while camping/hiking etc. With the pressure indicators it's almost a no brainer to use.
Rosie, Pinjarra WA - 26-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Essential kit for anywhere! Good value!
This kit is a must have for Australian conditions. With summer approaching and already seeing brown snakes around I ordered 2 kits! Great value all year long! Seller is awesome too!
Gina, Williamstown, South Australia - 23-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great self-contained kit & great service
Everything I need (and a bit more) in one rugged, molle-compatible pouch. The 'smart' pressure bandages are a great innovation. Great service, too.
Andrew B, Orange - 19-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Just what I'm looking for
I do a lot of outdoor work in snake infested scrub and this kit gives me some peace of mind.
Emergency services could take up to 30 min to reach me most times and the snake bite kit gives me a sense of security that I will have the time to receive medical treatment in the event of being bitten.
D Reeves, Victoria Australia - 19-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title essential for bushwalkers
A must for bushwalkers, especially now the hot weather is back. I saw one Eastern Brown and two Red Belly Black snakes a few weekends ago. Comforting to have this SURVIVAL Snake Bite Kit in my backpack. Food, water, a small First Aide Kit and a PLB make up the other essentials for a safe weekend walking.
Colin Brown, Armidale - 12-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Exactly what we needed!!
I brought this for my son for his 4WD camping and fishing trips. Great peace of mind in a great complete kit.
Sue Vonhoff, Toowoomba - 08-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Very quick on delivery. This is one purchase I hope I never have to use but its a comfort knowing its there
Vicky Kingdom, Salisbury North - 08-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Best purchase. Extremely happy with this product.
Kerry summerell, Queanbeyan NSW - 03-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Quality product -
High quality product with everything you would ever need to handle a snakebite with confidence in the one kit for a great price
Jon C, - 02-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great!!
Great service, was here in a couple of days after ordering. Huge range of kits, and would recommend them to anyone.
Jake, Jimbour - 01-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title I'm amazed
I am amazed and so excited. My first ever snake bite kit so compacted. I truly hope I don't have to use it. But I'm prepared for my hike. On the AAWT coming up in Oct. I was amazed about Australia Post delivery. Tracking emails excellent job thank you.
Julie, Bowral - 30-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Kit
Heading off shortly to the Pilbara region to do some fossicking. This kit has absolutely everything I hope I won't need!! What a greatvpak. Thanks for the faaast service.
Martin McGrath, Australia - 29-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Life Saving
Very well stocked kit that gives myself and my family piece of mind knowing that everything we need to save a life in a emergency is in our pack.
Being avid campers this kit suits our lifestyle and I recommend that everyone should keep this kit in there possession.
I know where to go to get restocked.
Wayne Williams, Boronia Heights - 24-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake + bite survival kit
I purchased the Snake and bite survival kit as I have a small farm that's 1 hour away from any help. If I don't get to use the kit all the better but if I do need it I know it contains everything that would give the patient the best chance of surviving a snake bite. It contained everything needed in a well made and thought out kit. Don't leave home without one.
Neil Lewis, Auburn - 24-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Kit
The quality of the materials in the pouch is to a very high standard. The molle pouch is very strong and packs everything in place which is easy to locate. We do a lot of 4wd touring with the kids so I think this is a must for them all to know how to use and have with them in their day packs.
Andy Higgins, Glen Waverley - 22-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Cheap Insurance
Excellent kit, very professional in both its contents and presentation. Everything needed is included - splint, smart bandages, guide and record keeping. I hope I never need to use it, but know if I do, I am ready. Going to get more smart bandages for the whole family as backups when we get out there. Cannot thank you enough.
David, Hebersham - 19-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title What you see is what you get
This product is exactly as you see it on the website. Well packaged, light, the essentials, compact. Excellent service with prompt delivery
Mark Krumrey, Queensland - 15-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Very compact, light, packed with essentials
It's like insurance. I hope I never use it as I don't like snakes. The pouch is choc a block full of stuff, all clearly labelled. Lots of straps on the outside so it seems it will be able to be strapped to most backpacks somehow. Very happy with the purchase and hope I wasted my money by not having to use it. That'll be a good waste.
Wayne A, Narellan Vale - 12-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Must have away from home
In rural Australia this kit is a must have if you venture away from home at all. With splint and 2 SMARt bandages in one small kit you can't ask for more.
Adam, Armidale - 11-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great Kit
I purchased two of these kits for the 4wd and camper trailer. These kits are excellent and a must addition to any first aid kit. Great fast service.
Theo, Townsville - 08-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title SURVIVAL Snake Bite KIT
compact, lightweight and simple to use and understand. As a registered nurse I understand the high stress levels in an emergency so the simpler to use and understand is best in these situations. This is a great thought out unit and has the potential to save lives. Great product and price, thank you for making it easy.
Cathy Hickey, Perth W.A. - 05-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Excellent kit and outstanding service!
Excellent kit with all the essentials at a great price! Was so impressed with the service received- overnight delivery that was as smooth as silk. Wil definitely shop here again. Highly recommended indeed.
Richard Wood, Melbourne - 02-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title neat and handy
Very handy kit. Peace of mind when in the bush with the family or alone.
Kev Taylor, Newcastle NSW - 30-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Best value peace of mind ever.
This kit has everything you need for a snake bite. As a health care professional the first question asked is how tight do I wrap the bandage? These magic little bandages show you. Great quality items at a great price. Everyone needs one of these.
Lynn Brett, New South Wales - 30-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
Perfect size kit to talk out on the quad
Ingrid Goddard, Northern NSW - 30-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great kit
This is an excellent kit as it has everthing needed. Best way to educate a family on how to treat a snake bite.
Christopher Smith, VIC - 30-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great Kit
Great kit, good size, very handy.
Sue, Woodvale, WA - 29-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Best kit made
Great kit all the essentials needed!
Evan, Diamond creek - 28-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
I hope I never have to use this but it gives me peace of mind to have it. We have a lot of snakes in Summer and this kit has everything you need in case of a bite. I used to put kits together myself so know the value of this one is really good. The smart bandages are the way to go - definitely recommend
Ruth Kennedy, Jindabyne - 27-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great product
I really like this product. It has everything that you need in case of a snake bite. The snake bite bandages make it real easy to get the pressure on the limb correct with the rectangle becoming a square when the pressure is correct. I also really like the labeled compartments so if you use something and then need to replace it you know exactly which part of your kit needs to be replaced, also its good that everything has a place in the kit making it easy to find things when you need them. Recommend this for any outdoor enthusiast.
Michelle, One Tree Hill SA - 27-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Gwondana Photography review
Compact, neat, well thought out and labelled. I haven't used it and hope I won't need to but this snake bite solves issues I have had in the past. when trying to put my own kit together. I saw the bandages on TV with the simple but effective method of showing the correct tension. I like this method very much and the complete kit is excellent.
Kenneth Hall, Macarthur NSW - 26-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
A well stocked, light-weight kit in a sturdy pouch for a great price! Everything you need, well organized and labelled including two 'no think' compression bandages to give you less to worry about in an emergency. Highly recommended.
Eleanor, Adelaide - 24-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Best First Aid Kit to Date
The best and most sufficient emergency first aid kit you can get, this is world class architecture from the bottom up. Quualty is top notch, simple and easy to understand for amateurs, small on the outside but big on the inside. Incredible light weight, certainly a recommended to all outdoor adventurists
Jimmy, Hobart - 24-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
My snake bite kit arrived today .. very impressed with the quality and items supplyed within the kit itself . Nice sterdy case and top quality gear . Well worth the $$. Highly recomend this kit .
Gary Dunleavy, Kilmore vic - 23-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Perfect
Quite simply the best pre made snake bite kit I've seen. It contains everything you need in a very high quality pouch.
Peter Brickles, Gold Coast - 23-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite kit
What to say about the best snake bite kit that I have ever come across in all the time I have spent in remote areas. Simple BUY ONE for your self.
From the case itself to the smart snake bandages this is a top quality kit with enough room left for you to add a few extra first aid items to make it a great kit to get out and about .
Cameron Macdonald, Victoria - 22-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title A Must For Any Traveller
Snake Bite Kit!
Excellent product, robust packaging and fast delivery. This is a must for anyone travelling our great land, nobody wants a snake bite but they can and do occur. With this kit your chances of survival and minimal discomfort are greatly improved.
Would recommend this is anyone travelling.
Jack, VIC - 22-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Kit
Contents as described "on the tin". The kit bag is very full and bulges a bit, but I don't think this will be a problem as it is clearly well made of tough material. The hand written thank you note and the small gift were nice touches and were much appreciated. Delivery was as advertised. I can't fault the product or the service: 5 stars.
Richard Aspden, Canberra, ACT - 21-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Recently purchased two snake bite kits, they are such great quality. I hope I never have to use one, but if I do at least I know I have all the best equipment to give me the best possible chance to survive a snake or spider bite.
Cindy, Central coast - 21-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bit kit
Great customer service. It's Compact and clear instructions. Just hope I never have to use it
Mark Fussell , Wa - 16-Aug-2017
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